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Xicheng threads

Canonverse-ish Jiang Cheng finds himself in Gusu through magical meansCanonverse-ish Jiang Cheng gets some healing from the moon bunny Lan XichenCanonverse Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen have tea and schedule a visitCanonverse Jiang Cheng receives a surprise from Lan XichenCanonverse Lan Xichen and Jiang Cheng communicate using a magical/enchanted brush and scroll. Or magical texting in their world.Canonverse Lan Xichen goes around Lotus Pier one morningCanonverse Lan Xichen surprises Jiang Cheng with a special set of courtship giftsCanonverse Lan Xichen post seclusion and Jiang Cheng gives him spaceCanonverse What if Jiang Cheng makes the first move?Childhood friends Lan Xichen has taught Jiang Cheng origami as a kidCollege Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen share a journalCollege Jiang Cheng falls asleep in the library often, where Lan Xichen usually finds him in one spotCollege Professor Lan Xichen and student Jiang ChengCollege Jiang Cheng has always had a crush on Lan Xichen and they end up spending more time together because of org activitiesCollege Jiang Cheng is in a party when a stranger asks him to be his fake boyfriendCollege Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen are in long distance relationshipCollege Jiang Cheng is sick and Lan Xichen takes care of himCollege Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen go on a date in an arcadeCollege Jiang Cheng waits for Lan Xichen while he has internshipCollege - Roommates Accidental Morning KissHigh School Birthday traditionsHigh School Butler Cafe - Xicheng + WangxianHigh School Jiang Cheng secretly writes letters to Lan XichenModern Jiang Cheng is tired of seeing actor Lan Xichen everywhere but he loves indie singer Zewu-JunModern Fluff prompt: I never thought love could be anything like thisModern Fluff prompt: Falling in love with you wasn't part of my life plan, but I don't regret that I didModern Jiang Cheng hugs a plushie from Lan Xichen and gets a phone callModern Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen attend a children's party and a surprise at the of the dayModern High school choir coaches Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen are married but no one knowsModern High school teachers Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen bond over musicModern Disneyland internship snippet inspired by Clanaa's artModern Jiang Cheng hates seeing actor Lan Xichen everywhere but loves listening to indie singer Zewu-JunModern Married Xicheng and an anniversary cooking mishap! - Prompt fillModern Meet cute with artist Lan Xichen and figure model Jiang ChengModern Meet cute with a dogModern Musical theater actor Jiang Cheng gets flowers from secret admirer composer Lan XichenModern Neighbors and umbrella sharingModern Neighbors who really didn't see each other except in the elevatorModern Youtuber Jiang Cheng and Composer Lan Xichen collaborate and maybe fall in love - WIPOfficemates Fake dating XichengOfficemates Sick/comfortOfficemates Stress baking Jiang ChengSoulmarks AU Tattoo artist Lan Xichen, Professor Jiang Cheng - may have some spicy bitsVague setting Xicheng cuddles after LXC's weird dream - Snippet

Modern Lan Jingyi asks his parents for an unconventional pillow
Crack: Eggwu-Jun Series

Modern - Crack Lan Xichen dreams that he is an egg aka Eggwu-JunModern - Crack Jiang Cheng sees Lan Xichen as an eggModern - Crack Lan Xichen dreams that he is Eggwu-Jun again!Modern - Crack Alternate universes? Xue Yang mentions a clue to the Eggwu-Jun mystery

Modern Open-Ended Where Jiang Cheng doesn't know what to think anymore
WIP/On-going: Fluff

College Art student Lan Xichen is pining for Varsity athlete Jiang ChengCollege - With Powers Jiang Cheng gets de-aged and Library assistant Lan Xichen finds him - Interactive threadHigh School AU Lan Xichen is a street artist and Jiang Cheng caught him in the act. LXC now owes him a favor so he won't tell anyoneModern Actor Jiang with fanboy Lan Xichen - Confident flirty JC and flustered LXCModern Event team member Jiang Cheng dances for Lan Jingyi's birthday party and Lan Xichen falls in love - Open seriesModern Muralist Lan Xichen works on the cafe owned by the Yunmeng trioModern Office worker Jiang Cheng and piano guy Lan XichenModern Photographer Jiang Cheng meets Artist Lan Xichen in the parkModern AU Writer Jiang Cheng and fanboy Lan Xichen is an artist who will eventually work with him
WIP/On-going: General

Modern Fusion Isekai-inspired Pomeranian Lan Xichen can only be understood by Jiang ChengModern Actor Jiang Cheng with bodyguard Lan XichenModern - Roommates Lan Xichen dealing with PTSDRoyalty Omegaverse Omega royalty Lan Xichen with alpha guard Jiang Cheng
Coffee Shop AU Series

Coffee Shop AU Cafe owner Jiang Cheng, Artist Lan XichenCoffee Shop AU Lan Xichen's book launchCoffee Shop AU Jiang Cheng watches Lan Xichen working, and share a cake during his break. Short snippet.
Chubby Lan Xichen (Independent Ficlets)

Lan Xichen gets praised for his good taste in clothes by Jiang ChengBoyfriends and an intimate night together - NSFWishChubby Lan Xichen getting to know Jiang Cheng through foodSomeone at the fastfood queue thinks that Lan Xichen is ordering too much
Dog Spirit Lan Huan and Shopkeeper Jiang Cheng

Jiang Cheng feels that he is luckyLan Huan watches over Jiang Cheng through the yearsLan Huan leaves something in Jiang Cheng's careMore background on Lan Huan and Jiang Cheng; Lan Jingyi senses something
Food Stall Owner Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen

Jiang Cheng and regular customer Lan XichenModern Jiang Cheng gets sick and Lan Xichen sends a gift

Xicheng - NSFW

Canon Divergence. Idea. Dark! Jiang Cheng doesn't want Lan Xichen out of his sightCanon Divergence Dark! Lan Xichen is obsessed with Jiang ChengCanon Divergence - Clan Swap AU Lan Wanyin and Jiang Xichen have their moments togetherCanonverse Jiang Cheng staring at Lan Xichen's hands and a makeout sessionCanonverse Lan Xichen blindfolds Jiang ChengCanonverse Lan Xichen is an erotic artist and Jiang Cheng finds one of his missing scrollsCollege Jiang Cheng asks Lan Xichen for help and a massage happens - Might add laterCollege Xicheng one night stand to roommates AUCollege Lan Xichen braids Jiang Chengs hair and moreCollege Lan Xichen is distracted by Jiang Cheng's collarbonesCollege Lan Xichen takes photos of Jiang Cheng and some fun stuff happen afterCollege - Bottom!LXC Prof Jiang Cheng, Librarian Lan Xichen do it in the library officeCollege - Bottom!LXC Prof Jiang Cheng, Librarian Lan Xichen have fun with lingerieCollege Librarian Lan Xichen rims Prof Jiang ChengModern - Urban Fantasy Jiang Cheng is alone in a bar when the musician chats him up - surprise ending available on Privatter and Ao3
Modern Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen have a code using collarsModern Xicheng oral sex while LXC is on the phone with LQRModern Xicheng as officemates who hook up in a clubModern Master/Pet Play WIPOmegaverse in Canonverse - RP with hirokidejk Lan Xichen and Jiang Cheng are both alphas who are mated to each otherOmegaverse in Canonverse - Alpha/Alpha Jiang Cheng is visiting Gusu when his rut hits and Lan Xichen helps - Epilogue missingOmegaverse Shapeshifters in Modern CatShifter!Jiang Cheng needs stress relief Xicheng with power bottom JCOmegaverse Shapeshifters in Modern DogShifter! Lan Xichen wakes up CatShifter! Jiang Cheng in a sexy wayOmegaverse Shapeshifters Bunny Lan Xichen hops into Jiang Cheng's lapVague setting Lan Xichen giving Jiang Cheng's sensitive plenty of marks - Snippet
Bottom Lan Xichen, Top Jiang Cheng
College - Bottom!LXC Prof Jiang Cheng, Librarian Lan Xichen do it in the library officeCollege - Bottom!LXC Prof Jiang Cheng, Librarian Lan Xichen have fun with lingerieModern - Bottom!LXC Jiang Cheng with Model Lan XichenModern Bottom!LXC - Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen are teachers + a blowjobVague setting "Be patient" JC tells LXCVague setting LXC riding JC inspired by bluelet's artCanonverse Xicheng sexcee time in the Library Pavillion, a prompt ficVague setting Inspired by bluelet's artModern AU LXC's first time wearing lingerieOmegaverse Omega LXC, bottom LXCOmegaverse Alphas JC and LXC sexcee time

MDZS Threads

Master Lists of Threads on Twitter:
General List of Threads
MDZS High School AU - Jiang Cheng-centric
Chengning Threads


Childhood AU Everyone gets along - HeadcanonsNSFW - Modern AU 3zuncheng GB RP with skullysinner


Coffee Shop Barista Wen Ning and regular Jiang Cheng - SnippetCollege Wen Ning asks Jiang Cheng to help with his project - WIPCollege Wen Ning is tired from internship and Jiang Cheng cheers him upHigh School Wen Ning has a crush on Jiang Cheng - WIPModern Dog cafe owner Jiang Cheng, regular customer Wen Ning - CompletedModern Jiang Cheng listens to GhostGeneralASMR - IdeasModern One night stand to officemates - WIP


Modern Wei Wuxian gets home late, Jiang Cheng is pissed but they make up


Blogger Lan Jingyi Where LJan Jingyi buys spicy noodles a lotHigh School AU Spicy conversationModern AU Gold NuggetsModern AU The one where their friends give best men speechesFilipino AU Mga makulit sa library

College AU - Side story to be XiCheng university AU Nie Mingjue and Jin Guangyao are just friends who practically live together - WIPCollege AU Jin Guangyao is hungry so Nie Mingjue gives him foodNSFW, Omegaverse. Omega! Nie Mingjue Omega!Nie Mingjue gets help from Alpha! Jin Guangyao during his heat

Modern Artist Lan Xichen and businessman Jin Zixuan who was looking for a paintingModern Pen shop owner Lan Xichen and pen enthusiast Jin ZixuanModern NSFW Business and pleasure


Modern - Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli were childhood friends and now JZX wants to date her - WIPModern - Jiang Yanli gets her period a few days early and Jin Zixuan buys her things - IdeasModern - Model Jin Zixuan is dating chef Jiang Yanli - IdeasModern - Jin Zixuan fails to surprise Jiang Yanli but she gives him the best one yetModern - Jin Zixuan is the Pinterest guy and he marries Jiang Yanli laterModern Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli date night drabbleModern NSFWish, Crack The one where there are naughty cupcakes involvedYou've Got Mail AU A few scenes but made it Jin Zixuan/Jiang Yanli

Canonverse, Platonic Soulmates AU Jin Zixuan and Jiang Cheng learn as kids that they are soulmatesChildhood friends to high shool AU Jiang Cheng and Jin Zixuan have a dog together as kids and they get together as teensHigh School AU Jin Zixuan secretly writes loveletters to Jiang ChengModern AU Ballet dancer Jin Zixuan and Rock Singer Jiang Cheng fall in loveModern Childhood rivals to lovers drabbleModern Domestic boyfriends and a plantModern AU Fake dating XuanChengModern Hurt/Comfort Jin Zixuan comforts Jiang Cheng from nightmaresModern AU Jiang Cheng and Jin Zixuan reminisceModern AU Jin Zixuan meets bartender Jiang ChengRacing AU Initial D inspired AU but Jin Zixuan and Jiang Cheng fall in loveNSFW Dressing room sex WIPShapeshifter Idea Tiger!Jiang Cheng, Dog!Jin Zixuan

MDZS Kindergarten AU
Modern + reverse age AU where the generation of Lan Qiren are toddlers in kindergarten with Song Lan and Xiao Xingchen as their teachers.
The beginning of the kindergarten AUSong Lan tells Xiao Xingchen that Lan Qiren would make a good teacher somedayLan Qiren's uncles visit friends and he is with them

Fantasy World AU
Main characters for this world are Jiang Cheng, Jin Zixuan and Lan Xichen. Current threads are still notes.

Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen as childhood friends in a magical forestJiang Cheng and Lan Xichen find Jin Zixuan taking a nap

MDZS Poly Ships

MingXiCheng (NMJ/JC/LXC)

Canonverse Lan Xichen gets regular visitors in Cloud Recesses in the persons of Jiang Cheng and Nie Mingjue - Prompt FillModern Nie Mingjue teaches Lan Xichen how to massage Jiang Cheng and they end up having sex - CompletedModern Gym buddies Nie Mingjue and Lan Xichen go on a date with Jiang Cheng - CompletedModern Sequel to Gym Buddies - A misunderstanding gets resolved - Prompt Fill

ChengXuanLi (aka Jiang Peacock Sandwich when JZX is in between; JC/JZX/JYL)

Bottom JZX. Prince and his guards AU.Modern AU. Anniversary fluffModern AU. Can I kiss you?Modern AU with Kid Jin Ling. Ficlet inspired by artModern AU. Large age gap. Young JZX, older JYL and JC. Who hurt you?Omegaverse. Omega JZX, Alphas JC and JYL. A little background on the omegaverse AUOmegaverse. Background ideas, more on their secondary genderOmegaverse. Omega JZX. JZX gets fussy and wants his alphas' robesOmegaverse. Omega JZX. Male lactation. NSFW. JZX gets a special treatment from his alphasOmegaverse. Omega JZX. Alphas JC and JYL. NSFW. Alphas being soft then a bit horny with their omegaOmegaverse with Cow hybrid JZX. NSFW. Futanari JYL. JZX gets knotted


College Song Lan and Xiao Xingchen are good friends and Xue Yang makes them talkCollege Song Lan is a tired TA and takes a nap, finds himself squishedCollege Xue Yang is a broke college boy who turns to camming for sweets (literally!)Dance Xue Yang goes to Song Lan and Xiao Xingchen for choreography helpModern Single Dad Xiao Xingchen has best friend Song Lan and babysitter Xue Yang fighting for his attentionModern Song Lan is an author who encounters two fans by chance - Xiao Xingchen and Xue YangModern Song Lan is a bookshop owner who misdelivered Xiao Xingchen and Xue Yang's ordersModern Song Lan wakes up to the sound of screaming and a kitchen disasterModern Polyamorous negotiationModern - NSFW Xue Yang is a naughty kitty who gets punished - WIPIDEA! Modern/College/HS? Book boyfriend type memeOmegaverse Omega! Song Lan needs two people to help in dealing with his heatOmegaverse Alpha couple SongXiao gets Omega!Xue Yang as surrogate


Dance Jiang Cheng and Wen Ning are dancers, Lan Xichen is jealous - WIPCollege Prof Jiang Cheng, Librarian Lan Xichen, Student Wen Ning - SnippetModern Xichengning domestic weekendModern Jiang Cheng wants to be fucked in a corset, Wen Ning and Lan Xichen volunteer - WIPModern Wen Ning's birthday surprise


Carole and Tuesday inspired AU Jin Zixuan goes to the supermarket for the first timeUniversity AU, Interactive Thread Student council members Lan Xichen and Jin Zixuan get to know veterinary medicine student Jiang Cheng because of the stray cats projectUniversity AU inspired by The Other Half and Cyrano De Bergarac Jin Zixuan has a crush on Jiang Cheng and asks Lan Xichen for help in writing love lettersModern AU. Kissing practice based on a prompt.Modern AU. Talent agency trainees.Modern AU Jin Zixuan, Lan Xichen and Jiang Cheng ditch a formal eventModern AU. Domestic? Something about LXC and learning how to take care of a dogModern AU. LXC's picture with their dog as JC and JZX's wallpaperModern AU. Making out in a limousineChildhood Friends AU Lan Xichen and Jin Zixuan become friends with Jiang Cheng, the new kidOmegaverse. Omega LXC.JC and JZX drink up LXC's excess milkNSFW. JC as unicorn, Prince JZX, LXC with tentaclesRamblings about an idea inspired by a fic by Cake and Zettai Kareshi. Idea dump here


Xicheng - God and Human AU
A collaboration in roleplay form between Tuples and Hirokidejk. Premise is about Jiang Cheng as Sandu, the god of passion, being called to the modern day by Lan Xichen, an archivist.

Part 1: The Beginning

Premise/Starting tweetContinuation of the broken threadLast tweet for Part 1
Part 2: Jiang Wanyin in the Present Day

Part 2 begins with Sandu going with Lan Xichen to the archivesSome time skip and Jiang Wanyin gets used to the modern dayBroken thread resumes hereJiang Wanyin paints from memoryLan Xichen and Jiang Wanyin go for a walkSpicy NSFW section where Lan Xichen and Jiang Wanyin get intimate
XiCheng - Accidentally Mated Alphas
Collaboration between Tuples and Hirokidejk. Premise is that both Lan Xichen and Jiang Cheng are alphas who accidentally got mated when they fought. They were accompanying the juniors during a night hunt and got protective.

Part 1: Mates on Their Wedding Night
PremiseNSFW - Wedding Night
Part 2: Getting to Know Each Other
The Day After - the beginning of this part

SK8 the infinity


NSFW-ish Kojiro loses a bet and he becomes the canvas for Kaoru's calligraphyBanter Kaoru has a rough day and Kojiro suggests a way to relaxHousehusband Kojiro idea


Morning routineNSFW-ish Birthday traditionsTadaAi thoughts inspired by the song Curiosity

Inspired by the song Curiosity


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