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Tuples is currently active on twitter and AO3.

There are multiple stories found as twit fics/threads which are also archived on AO3 for easier searching and reading.
Please be mindful that the writer tends to gravitate towards side pairs and rare pairs. Mostly writing fluff and smut for entertainment purposes.

If you have prompts, you could send them via DM or tag the writer in twitter or a mutual discord server you're both on.

Commissions are currently not open but if you love the stories, tips on Ko-Fi will be very much appreciated.

Xicheng threads

Master Lists of Threads on Twitter:
Xicheng General
Xicheng Horny Hours

Long Threads / Series



Eggwu-Jun Series


Fluff WIP / On-going

General Xicheng WIP / On-going

AU series

They are series in the sense of the drabbles/ficlets are in the same universe.

Cofee Shop Series

Chubby LXC

Not necessarily related stories but they all have chubby LXC as a theme.

Dog Spirit Lan Huan and Shopkeeper Jiang Cheng

Food Stall Owner Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen

Xicheng - NSFW

Spicy / Horny

MDZS Threads

Master Lists of Threads on Twitter:
General List of Threads
MDZS High School AU - Jiang Cheng-centric
Chengning Threads









MDZS Kindergarten AU

Modern + reverse age AU where the generation of Lan Qiren are toddlers in kindergarten with Song Lan and Xiao Xingchen as their teachers.

Fantasy World AU

Main characters for this world are Jiang Cheng, Jin Zixuan and Lan Xichen. Current threads are still notes.

MDZS Poly Ships

MDZS Poly Ship Threads

Songxuexiao Threads
Xichengning Threads






Xicheng - God and Human Au

A collaboration in roleplay form between Tuples and Hirokidejk. Premise is about Jiang Cheng as Sandu, the god of passion, being called to the modern day by Lan Xichen, an archivist.

Part 1: The Beginning

Part 2: Jiang Wanyin in the Present Day

XiCheng - Accidentally Mated Alphas

Collaboration between Tuples and Hirokidejk. Premise is that both Lan Xichen and Jiang Cheng are alphas who accidentally got mated when they fought. They were accompanying the juniors during a night hunt and got protective.

Part 1: Mates on Their Wedding Night

Part 2: Getting to Know Each Other